About Me - Barbara Ngo

My interest in photography came out of my love for traveling and exploring new places. At first, it was a way to capture the physical things I saw on my trips. However, I realized, through angles and framing, I could change the perspective of an image and also memorialize the feeling a place gave me (i.e. excitement, possibility, or tranquility). Now, photography is a passion I enjoy even when I'm not traveling.

I'm  fond of open roads, trails or paths or people walking ahead because I think images that move forward reflect all the possibilities that life offers and as a reminder that life moves forward; a person cannot stand in the same place forever.

In addition to traveling and photography, I love running, dogs (especially my Shiba Inu, Tehsi), food, and my family. My two little nieces, in particular, are favorite photography subjects for me. 

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